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We are leaving in 21st century where computer literacy has taken the form of fourth necessity in everyone’s life and students holds the highest impact of it. Examinations based on PC are going to be the best path to successful career. Many of the examinations pattern had already undergone a change and had been computer base and it is highly expected that with coming years the whole examination pattern will be computer based.

The initial step was commenced by H.S.C Board which started the pattern of first online examination of H.S.C. level. In order to obtain the brightest career, a student should solve MHT-CET examination successfully. The reason behind the failure of the students of class XI and XII is the lack of practice session and unawareness of the CET guidelines. At Pearl Consultancy we provide the sample papers that help them to understand the pattern of CET examination. The software provided by Pearl consultancy provides them with the question bank, tutorial and demo exams to help them with the exams. The software provided by us is efficient in conducting exam and providing question bank etc. This software even delivers the option printed version of the question paper which is hand written along with the answer sheets and the facility of printed model answers. This system could be operated by multi users and at the same time you could have endless clients.

With the CET Paper option by Pearl Consultancy you can have the examination pattern based on PC that give aid to students to carry on their practice even if the duration they have is too less. The presence of graphical sense in the paper helps the students to remember their syllabus properly as the impact of graphical interface is always more. We always remember the graphics more. The best way to do your best in objective questions is by extensive practice and the habit of regular solving the questions broadens your knowledge on the related subject.

Why to choose us?

  • Our software for CET is easy to handle and even the procedure of installation is too simple to operate.
  • It could be utilized by multi user and even no need to put any restriction over the client numbers.
  • We have a question bank which is enriched by approx 40,000 questions.
  • You can go for the as many attempts for exams as you want.
  • With CMS you can search, reuse and retrieve the content easily.
  • No need to restrict yourself with number of pages when you are taking the assistance of CMS.
  • Complete security of your data could be provided by it as your data are not stored in others database but in your database.
  • It keeps a regular check in your cost factor in long run.
At Pearl consultancy we ensure that you get full efficiency and skilled assistance 24X7 if you take our assistance.

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